The Family Hope Fund was named after Peggy and Cliff Hope, Jim's loving Grandparents who were an integral part of giving Jim his outlook on life -- to always have hope.

The Fund was christened on August 18th, 2007, also the celebration of Jim's 40th birthday.









As a result of his love for the community and his past experience in fund raising Jim Noble decided to branch out and set up an endowment fund to raise money to provide perpetual help to the various health related charities around Edmonton.  As so much is needed for all unfortunate diseases and health issues, The Jim Noble Family Hope Fund (also known as The Family Hope Fund) was set up to additionally support organizations in the areas of diabetes, heart and stroke and Alzheimer's disease just to name a few. 

As mentioned earlier, The Family  Hope Fund is set up as an endowment fund which means that all donations received are held in trust with all the earnings from that trust going to the various charities and organizations. This way every generous donation received by The Family Hope Fund can keep on giving… year after year.  

“The idea of The Family Hope Fund is that it goes on forever. Every dollar that someone donates today will still be helping future generations decades and (hopefully) centuries from now. We are dropping metaphorical pebbles in the water and watching the ripple expand.” Jim Noble
The trust fund is administered by The Edmonton Community Foundation and all decisions as to how the funds are distributed are made by the board of directors.  As founder of The Family Hope Fund, Jim does have  the honor of making an annual request as to which charities to support for the year but ultimately, the decisions are made by the board. To find out more information on The Edmonton Community Foundation and endowment funds, please visit
All donations are tax deductible and tax receipts for donations of $50 or more are issued by The Edmonton Community Foundation.                                                
















 Endowment Fund Agreement

            The Jim Noble Family Hope Fund would like to thank                the following people for their generous contributions:  


Lisa Anderson
Saul Ansbacher
Heather Arndt
Lionel Arndt
Brendan Bass
Brianna Bass
Graeme Bass
Karen Bass
Shiloh Beale
Scott Beaudin
Johnny Bede
Charles Bidwell
Bronwyn Blackstaffe
Laurie Blakeman
Lloyd Blue
Bill Bowers
Scott Bryen
Michelle Bulduc
Marcie Bull
Lenny Burt
Edie Cassady
Elisa Chee
Russ Chevalier
Dani Coles
Gwen Corno
Rob Corno
Daniel Cunningham
Darcy Daigle
Kerri De Luca
Corine Demas
Andrew Duclo
Danny Duclo
Greg Dunham
Bill Faulkner
Ann Fenney
Char Feuchter
Thomas Feuchter
Shandel Filliol
Agnes Fisher
Mark Fitzsimmons
Eric Forester
Karen Good
Kathy Hawkesworth
Pamela Hancock
Bill Hanson
Adrian Harasymiw
Halyna Harasymiw
Gina Harris
Angele Heroux
Tanya Hook
D'Arcy Hope
Wayne M. Hope
Bo Izmirli
Jody Kelly
Theresa Kennedy
Frank Kense
Krista Kohuch
Donna Lammle
Donna Leclair
Jonathan Locher
Laura Locher
Lynn Lowe
Karen MacPherson
David Maday

Penny Maday
Barbara Massey
Fraser McClure
Mary McIntyre
Nancy McIntyre
Carly Miller
Tracy Moore
Ali-Sun Morgon
Chris Morris
Alicia Naundorf
Anne Nielsen
Brian Noble
Carla Noble
Cheryl Noble
Della Noble
Ed Noble
Tyler Northwood
Michael Orysiuk
Tasha Orysiuk
Kerry Pawluski
Veronica Pawluski
Claire Pearon
Stacey Pelechaty
Angela Peters
Melanie Peters
Nancy Power
Deanna Price
Heather Price
Kevin Price
Tara Price
Vince Price
Merlyn Pulikkathara
Janine Pushor
Amber Reid
Brandon Reid
Rowe Anne Rivet
Julie Rossignol
June Salamandick-Simons
Cara Schelske
Donald Scott
Nancy Scott
Peter Scott
Hal Simons
April Snelson
Rosa Spadavecchia
Neil Stewart
Sally Stewart
Jackie Stinson
Carla Tauber
Shawn Taylor
Nicole Thibault
Sharon Trelenberg
Tracy Tremblay
Justin Trudeau
David Ushko
Ronnie Villanueva-Hlad
Scott Villanueva-Hlad
Cam Wallace
Erin Wallace
Dorothy Wilkins
Patrick Wilkins
Hugh Willis
Skip Woods
Glenda Wyatt
Lovette Zacharuk
Trisha Zook


1st Choice Real Estate
Atlas Galahad Euro (AGE) Corp
Barb & Ernie's Old Country Inn
Best Buds Flower Company
Chic-Hog-O's Social Roast House
Dentons Canada LLP
Dunham Team Realty
Dwell Modern Furnishings
Formulations Media Inc.
Frame of Mind Inc.
Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP
Good Real Estate Company
Homes and Gardens Real Estate
Horizon Enterprises Inc.
HouseMaster Home Inspections
Huma Mexican Comfort
MaxWell Realty Edmonton
Mill Creek Cafe
N R G Support Services
Noble Electric
Oliver House Law Office
Price Automotive Ltd.
Promo 4 U
Ragazzi Bistro
REALTORS®  Association of Edm.
Regent Signs
Sandy Lane Auto
Silver Wolf Real Estate Services
Smokehouse BBQ
Sparky's Electrical Services Ltd
Summit Salon Services Inc.
Sweet Mango
Taste of Ukraine Restaurant
Tkachuk and Patterson
Veranova Properties Limited
Willis Law
Wind Shoppe
Yoga Wellness












Because of the generous contributions the following is a list of charities that have received grants totalling:



Robin Hood Association for the Handicapped

Arthritis Society (Northern Region)

Canadian Diabetes Association

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Alberta and NWT Division

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

Alzheimer Society of Alberta & Northwest Territories

Canadian Red Cross Society

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Angel Flight Alberta

Sorrentino's Compassion House

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation 

Autism Edmonton


(updated December 31, 2021)